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Are you like Lord Nelson, dynamically influencing deliberate events?

By September 19, 2016Uncategorized

Are you like Lord Nelson, dynamically influencing deliberate events?

I am sure Lord Nelson had a vision that forecasted victory at Trafalgar or anywhere else that his fleet might meet Britain’s foes. He certainly had a plan. That was not to engage the Spanish and French ships of the line in exactly that; a line. Nelson reasoned that their more numerous and heavy guns would put his lighter ships at a disadvantage. Also, the bigger enemy ships carried more marines and were likely to overwhelm his fleet’s crew, should they grapple and come aboard.

Nelson spent much time with his Captains. Mostly over dinner, at sea on his Flag Ship, or when on land at Merton House. He constantly regaled his Captains with his tactics in fighting sea battles. His oft repeated mantra was to attack the enemy’s line head on in the middle. Split their line and, 2 Brits ships to 1, concentrate on sinking the enemy ships in the second part of their line. By the time the front half of the enemy’s ships had turned around and returned to the fight, the Brit Ships would be ready to sink them. Again 2 on 1. His other directive was to avoid being grappled and boarded.

At Trafalgar, Nelson’s Flagship Victory led the line against the superior forces of the combined Spanish and French fleets. HMS Victory split their line in the middle. As it did so Victory’s upper deck came under intense carronade and musket fire from the rigging of the enemy ships adjacent. Nelson was mortally wounded and succumbed a short while later.

Nelson’s vision and subsequent oft repeated plan created deliberate events. After his death, early in the battle, his captains went on to follow his lead and implement his plan securing victory for the British at Trafalgar. Admiral Nelson’s example of selflessly ignoring danger and leading his men from the front allied to his constantly repeated battle plan so dynamically influenced his men that they carried the day. Nelson’s spirit was in his men that day. Already dead he still led them.

Do you have a deliberate vision of purpose for your business?


All Business owners and Directors must have a vision for their business and a purpose planned for it. If employing people, they must communicate the plan. Enrolling and inspiring their Teams.

Implementing coordinated plans effectively can only be done with large amounts of dynamic influence; leading by example. This enables the Team to work autonomously in the Business Owner’s absence, delivering their vision and purpose without the Business Owner standing over them.

So if you want your business to run successfully in your absence you might want to remember Lord Nelson and the ‘Spirit of Trafalgar’.

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