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Brexit is dragging on a bit isn’t it?

By October 13, 2016Uncategorized

Brexit is dragging on a bit isn’t it?

Back in late June Britain declared that it wanted out of the European Union. Today, Britain declares it wants hard Brexit, spurning the single market so as to secure its borders from unwanted economic migrants and refugees. Both declarations sent Sterling’s value plunging. (hopefully to recover again)

If these recent plunges are caused just by British postering then what will happen the moment Theresa May actually presses the Clause 50 button in March 2017? Who knows?

Who actually knows what hard or soft Brexit will feel like. With German and French elections coming up who will the British Brexit Team negotiate with regarding the management of our exit? (It is my understanding that Britain is not allowed to negotiate new trade deals with any Nation for 2 years whilst we extricate ourselves from the European Single Market.)

Once Article 50 (The official filing for divorce procedure.) is triggered how will the European Union react and what effect will it have on Britain in the next two years?

Never in my considerable lifetime has Britain’s economic future appeared to be so uncertain.

One thing is certain. Skills in marketing and sales will have to be at a premium. In unpredictable times the public delay their buying decisions. Our task in business, whether our market be business to consumer, or business to business, is to bring the buying decision forwards.

Laser accurate targeting of your market: Phenomenal offerings: Sensational copywriting; explaining amazing features, tremendous advantages, and marvelous benefits will aid the impulse to buy.

Are you ready?

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