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You know everything? Don’t read this…

By December 16, 2016Uncategorized

You know everything? Don’t read this…

I know! I know I know. Those words drive me crazy. When I speak sometimes with my grown up kids, they’re sitting on the couch peering into their mobiles. Without looking up that’s how they acknowledge every statement I make with ‘I know’.

I make my living as a Business Mentor. My experience goes way back into the last century. I have learnt, in that time, that some business types that I have met along the way, that know everything, rarely do anything.

‘I know’ can mean I do not want to listen or, I am to busy to listen. It can also mean I am to up my own bottom to listen, or just go away.

‘I know’ is the greatest barrier to learning I know.

Over the last 28 years or so I have assisted around 40 Business Owners that did not know. The majority of them are very successful in their business. They want to know. They listen. They learn. They implement. They succeed.

One of my greatest successes as a business mentor, a just 30 something multimillionaire, commented to me the other day that being in business was not easy. I said: ‘I know’.

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