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Are You Dieting After Christmas? Read On…

By January 12, 2017Uncategorized
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Are You Dieting After Christmas? Read on………

Dieting is all about shrinking is it not? Losing weight, reducing size, shedding fat. It takes self discipline, cutting out inefficient calories like beer and cake (liquid cake) and taking more exercise. Easy to say hard to do.

There are myriads of diet plans and advice out there and you can choose and use whatever works for you. Trouble is it rarely works for you. Long term that is.

The challenge of shrinking yourself is, in my opinion, similar to the challenge of growing your business.

Idealize, Visualize, Verbalise and Materialise

Firstly, what is your ideal? Where do you want to end up? How are you getting there? The journey I mean. What does success look like? Why are you doing it?

Secondly, Visualize, think hard, imagine yourself with the idealized outcome. See yourself in that position.

Thirdly, and this is where it gets a bit cookie, tell yourself, verbalise your intent in the mirror, out loud, shout (quietly) at yourself. Do this everyday for at least 5 minutes. Get yourself hyped.

Fourthly, fake it till you make it! Materialize it to yourself. Of course, whatever it is that you are aiming at must be S.M.A.R.T. That is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results (in) Timeframe. Think about your objective as if it has already happened. Imagine you’re already there. This is vital as you can only do what you are, and you are what you think, so visualise often.

Let’s make it happen!

Google ‘Reticular Activating System’. You will find that this system (RAS) is the part of the brain that holds your sub-consciousness. Practicing the 4 points mentioned above will help program your RAS to, at all times, point you towards your goal.

So for 2017 conduct your daily affirmations: ‘Idealize-Visualize-Verbalise-Materialize.

Make stuff happen! Get thin…Grow your business…or both.

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