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This Voucher entitles the Business Owner to a 2 hour session with Business Development Mentor Tim Major Value-£345. It also includes a complementary psychometric profile of the Business Owner. This enables improved self-awareness and self-reflection plus, better communication and relationships. Value-£100.

Reedem Voucher

Social Media Or Social Retail?

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Social Media Or Social Retail? Why would anyone choose ‘Sales’ as a career? It seems that shops are closing down across the nation. The High Streets of this once proud ‘nation of shopkeepers’ are losing their prestigious Department Stores. The Chain Retailers are in trouble. Store closures abound. Redundant retailers…

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Speaking the Truth to Power

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Speaking the Truth to Power It seems every day that I am reminded that we are moving into an age of ‘Strong Men’. Actually, thats a euphemism, as some of the ‘Strong Men’ I am talking about are women. Putin, Trump, Farage, le Pen, Erdogan, Kim Jong-un, Sturgeon, but to…

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Consultant, Trainer, Teacher, Coach, Mentor: What’s the difference?

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Consultant, Trainer, Teacher, Coach, Mentor: What’s the difference? Here’s my take on it: Consultants: They gather information. They advise strategies in report format. Trainers: They demonstrate technique. Supervise repetitive practice until it becomes instinctive.. Teachers: They learn specific subjects to degree level. Get certified in teaching. Pass it on to…

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Bringing Tim on board has provided us with focus and clarity. We are setting new policy, building new structure, and defining our path to business success.

Iain PurvesBusiness Owner, Ashmore-Built

2 years into our programme and I now have 3 profitable, growing, businesses I work on rather than in, and more time off. It doesn't stop there either, Tim’s formula for constant development means I am looking at possibilities I would never have dreamt of 2 years ago.

Lois HookBusiness Owner Northampton Reptile Centre.

Tim’s Mentoring has enabled me to address the time and money issues in my life and career. Through Tim I am developing my commercial talents to further promote my career as Professional Classical Guitarist.

Graham RobertsGuitarist and soloist for the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Tim has assisted us in setting up our business, right from the very start, the right way, building a profitable company that can operate for long periods without us. We have a brilliant team and a great support network thanks to Tim's mentoring. Our business is growing and the future is bright.

Chris Li & Vicky WangBusiness Owners, Luxury for Less Ltd.

Tim’s marketing strategies highlighted how we could increase our profits by over 50%. We are now totally focused on making it reality.

Dave CollinsBusiness Owner, HG Collins Ltd.