Tim Major

Tim Major

Business Development Mentor

Tim Major is no stranger to success as both a business owner and competitive player in the corporate world… Leaving a lucrative 15year career in corporate FMCG sales in 1988, Tim started on his entrepreneurial journey in the world of Licensed Apparel, enjoying great commercial success vending Sports and Music related merchandise at International events across Europe. Since 1999, moving back to the UK with his family, Tim has worked exclusively as a private Business Development Advisor helping many businesses to achieve stability and commercial success in such diverse fields as Electronic Manufacturing, Aviation, Retail, Leisure, Telecommunications, and Wholesale Distribution.

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With Tim’s assistance, since 2010 to date, we have been able to transform the performance of our businesses at ‘The Bell Plantation’.

The mentoring we have received over the past years in the general principals of business, ‘Forecast-Plan-Implement- Report’ business plans, ‘Target-Offer- Copy’ Marketing, Professionally Assisting People to Buy’ selling, ‘Remarkable Customer Care’ and ‘ Action Centred Leadership-Management + Win/Win Assertion’ has given us 5 years of consistent growth way above the average being achieved nationally in the Home & Garden Retail Sector.

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