This Voucher entitles the Business Owner to a 2 hour session with Business Development Mentor Tim Major Value-£345. It also includes a complementary psychometric profile of the Business Owner. This enables improved self-awareness and self-reflection plus, better communication and relationships. Value-£100.

Reedem Voucher


…….’Hope for the best and prepare for the worst’ (Thomas Norton) Right now the future is uncertain for business. In such times businesses with robust business plans survive and those without often fail. Leaving the survivors the market……….

Our method of Business Development Planning will enable you to look at the best and worst scenarios for your business within minutes………….

The Business Owners that I have had most success with over the past 15 years are those that wish to grow their revenues and reduce their time in the organisation. These are solid objectives that can be forecasted, planned, implemented, and reported. My weekly visits and follow up reports ensure my Business Owners deliver their vision and purpose to themselves.

Reedem Voucher


N.B. Up to March-19 all Major-Momentums current clients have growth greater than 2018 . (See below)

This Business Growth Voucher will entitle the Business Owner to a 2 hour Complimentary Coaching Session. In this session Tim will develop with them a 2 year formal business growth plan free of charge or obligation.

The subsequent Business Plan will incorporate the following:

  1. A Narrative, their story, vision and purpose, backed with a company culture statement.
  2. Structured ‘Forecast-Plan-Implement-Report’ system bespoke to your businesses processes.
  3. ‘5 Dynamic Multipliers’ Marketing  Growth Plan, majoring on leads, conversions, transactions, average £ spend, and margin, guaranteeing a 46% increase in revenues and 61% increase in profits when targets are met.
  4. The Organisation Chart for their company. (Example only)
  5. The Managing Directors job specification. (Example only)
  6. The company’s wage structure and measurement of productivity. (Example only)
  7. Year 1 Profit and Loss Forecast.
  8. Year 2 Profit and Loss Forecast.
  9. 2 year strategic cash-flow forecast.
  10. A monthly Profit and Loss Key Performance Indicator results report facility.

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