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How to “Get it Done!”

By January 7, 2020homepage

Recently, in Parliament, the UK’s leader/Prime Minister blithely asked the Speaker of the House “What are we going to do Mr Speaker?” The PM went on to answer for the Speaker “We are going to get BREXIT done!”. What I think Mr Johnson was reiterating is that he is about to implement BREXIT. Implementation of anything he or, we in business, choose to do is always fraught with unknown issues.

Famously, former PM Harold Macmillan once said: “Events, dear boy, events” when asked if there was anything that could knock off course his Government’s policies.

I find forecasting and planning future events much less of a problem than actual implementation. My first issue is how do I communicate the task. One has to be careful. We all have human rights, that must not be transgressed.

Do you know your human rights? If the answer is yes then you can communicate the task in such a way that everyone wins. Get this done and you have a chance of success.

The second issue is the team. Is it bonded? Does the team collectively know what success looks like? Will the team follow the leader together along the path to success? Does it have faith in the task?

I think the individuals that make up the team are the final issue. Can they look to their leader for examples in attitude and behaviour?

I often refer to John Adair, internationally recognised as a leadership and management expert, from his excellent book ‘100 Greatest Ideas for Effective Leadership and Management’. Below I have listed the qualities that a leader needs.

According to John, as it is vital in terms of managing the Task; the Team, and the Individual.

Business Owners; how many of the qualities listed above do you believe you have?

Tick them all off and you have a chance at succeeding in implementation. (Note to Boris; of all the qualities listed above, Humility is the vital one. You can possess all the others but without showing humility getting BREXIT done successfully will be extremely difficult.)

‘100 Greatest Ideas for Effective Leadership and Management’ – John Adair

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