Testimonials & Case Studies

See for yourself, how Business Development Mentor
Tim Major, has helped businesses achieve growth & success.

"Every professional athlete has a coach, to push them and guide them towards their goals and success'. If you are serious about growing and expanding your business it should be no different. Stop procrastinating and work with Major Momentum - you will be glad you did! That may read more like an advertorial than a testimonial, but for good reason... Nutriseed have been working with Tim & Major Momentum for the last 3 years, one of the best decisions we have made. Tim consults and advises on all aspects of our business from the P+L and financial planning to the motivation of our team and company culture. Prior to working with Tim, our business was growing fast but we lacked the proper systems and planning to able to facilitate our growth and take us to the next level. By following Tim's guidance and advice we have seen strong growth to our turnover and bottom line!"

James Green, Nutriseed.

"I have been working with Tim for many years. I have seen a steady growth in profits of 25% year on year from the guidance he has given my team and our KPI’s we have in place. All team members have quarterly training with Tim which keeps the focus high on our targets we need to achieve. If you want more customers, and increase revenue, I would highly recommend you speak to Tim today"

Scott Norville, Managing Director – Silverstone Fleet Management & Embrace Leasing. Thank you!

"Dear Tim, Just a quick note to say how much I appreciate your mentorship.

Thank you for all your help and advice over the past few months. Your recruitment advice was invaluable and has led me to a great hire (I think?)

You've really helped me to be less stressed and take a more measured approach to running and growing Nutriseed.

I recently read Shep Gordon's biography and thought it was a great Rock n Roll and business story that you'd appreciate (well worth a read) Very Best, James"

James Green, Owner of Nutriseed

"I would like to offer my thanks and appreciation for the invitation to your workshop on How to Increase Your Profits by 61%. I had no idea what to expect and to be frank I thought I was not going to hear anything new, yet I was pleasantly surprised at the new information you gave, the evedience of it's success and also meeting and hearing the testimonial of your long term client.

I came away from the workshop with renewed interest in the future of my own business, along with an idea of a plan to encourage change and growth in my business for the benefit of me. Thank you, and I am looking forward to the next workshop and I would not hesitate in recommending your workshop to my business and networking colleagues."

o-Sel Nyima, Clearlight Bodymind Awareness

"Bringing Tim on board has provided us with focus and clarity. We are setting new policy, building new structure, and defining our path to business success."

Iain Purves, Business Owner, Ashmore-Built.

"2 years into our programme and I now have 3 profitable, growing, businesses I work on rather than in, and more time off. It doesn't stop there either, Tim’s formula for constant development means I am looking at possibilities I would never have dreamt of 2 years ago."

Lois Hook, Business Owner Northampton Reptile Centre.

"Tim’s Mentoring has enabled me to address the time and money issues in my life and career. Through Tim I am developing my commercial talents to further promote my career as Professional Classical Guitarist."

Graham Roberts (A guitarist and soloist for the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra)

I attended a workshop this week hosted by Tim. During my time in Banking I had attended many such workshops and was, at first, unsure whether to attend at all. I was impressed with the delivery and content of this workshop and it was also great to hear from some of Tim’s customers first-hand how his approach had transformed their businesses. I found the workshop thought provoking and left with a better understanding of what I need to do to improve my business sales. It was an enjoyable couple of hours where I learnt much more than I had expected. I would recommend this to anyone who is serious about growing their business. I will certainly be attending the next one!

Clive Hawes, Profound Image

"I first met with Tim Major in July 2008. He was a certified Business Coach working within the ‘ActionCOACH’ worldwide franchise. Tim was referred to me by Victor Mau, an associate of mine that owned a wholesale aftermarket alloy wheel distribution business.

Myself, and my partner Vicky, both of us around 23 years of age, were importing bathroom and kitchen taps from China and retailing them, through our EBAY shop in the UK. Based in Brighton at the time and working from our home address we had achieved levels of business that encouraged us to contemplate moving to a central UK location to aid distribution and renting a warehouse to operate out of. At this point we engaged Tim.

Tim’s initial mentoring objectives were to get from myself and Vicky a clear vision of what we wanted our business to be and our purpose for embarking on the journey of delivering it. At this time he also introduced us to our ‘DISC’ profiles, psychometric tests, studying our attitude and behaviour in terms of Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conformity. We got to know Tim and ourselves very rapidly.

With the vision and purpose written down as the narrative to our Tim derived written business plan we then embarked upon, with Tim’s help, employing the right Team Members pro-rata the rapid growth we were generating in our business. At this point Tim assisted us to design the company culture rules that we coached our Team Members to aspire too. We were then mentored in how to forecast, plan, implement and report all aspects of our business using pre-formulated measures of performance or key performance indicators. With these in place and producing ‘off schedule’ situations Tim coached us in how to bring back on schedule the negative situations arising through identifying whether the situation lay in the task, the team or the individual. Vicky and I, as the business leaders were mentored in applying ‘Coach-Police-Play’ and ‘Assertive’ leadership and management techniques to our ever growing team, enabling our organisation to maintain the rapid growth we were achieving.

By October 2008, our EBAY shop was trading at the annual equivalent of £2.7 million per year and I decided that now was the time to develop our own web-site and trade independently of EBAY. Tim introduced us to another client of his who had a web platform available and we formed a working relationship with them that endures to this day. We have since developed strong sales channels through Amazon, as well as EBAY, complimented by our main site www.bathempire.com. From 2010 onwards we have grown the business at around 70% per year, achieving ‘Fast Track 100 status for 3 consecutive years. In 2015 we completed the sale of our company, Luxury for Less Ltd, to Wolseley PLC, the world's largest heating and plumbing distributor to the professional market. Wolseley has approximately 47,000 employees across 25 countries. Its brands include Brossette, Ferguson, Pipe Centre, Plumb & Parts Centre and Wolseley. Wolseley is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index.

In September of 2008 Tim and I sat in a windy pub garden and plotted the future of Luxury for Less. Vicky and I delivered our dream to ourselves and Tim is a fundamental part of the story.

Chris Li August 8 2015.

August 8 2015.

"Tim’s marketing strategies highlighted how we could increase our profits by over 50%. We are now totally focused on making it reality."

Dave Collins, Business Owner, HG Collins Ltd.

"My approach to my business has changed fundamentally since meeting Tim. More time off, greater profits, and a happy team are the results."

Caroline Marriott, Business Owner, Shoe String Ltd

"Since bringing Tim onboard as our Business Coach we have established the vision and purpose for our business. With our Team briefed, new culture and systems in place, and revenues and profits growing we are concentrating more on working on our business rather than working in it"

Steve Waller, Business Owner, Tuckley’s Fast Foods Ltd

With Tim’s assistance, since 2010 to date, we have been able to transform the performance of our businesses at ‘The Bell Plantation’

The mentoring we have received over the past years in the general principals of business, ‘Forecast-Plan-Implement-Report’ business plans, ‘Target-Offer-Copy’ Marketing, Professionally Assisting People to Buy’ selling, ‘Remarkable Customer Care’ and ‘ Action Centred Leadership-Management + Win/Win Assertion’ has given us 5 years of consistent growth way above the average being achieved nationally in the Home & Garden Retail Sector.

Ashley and Sheena Warren August 11 2015