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Grow Your Business

By December 2, 2019homepage

Right now, in my 35-year career in Business Development (Growing Businesses), I have never experienced trading conditions as flat as they are in the UK!

In my opinion, any business, small, medium, or large that is not growing is dying!

Failure to grow business allows your competitors to move into the space you would have grown into. Failure to compete for this space reduces market share and it keeps on reducing if you don’t fight back.

In these uncertain times, consumers are holding back their buying decisions, both business and public. Who can blame them?
In such times as these doing what you always did will not get you what you always got, and it is time to add more dynamism to our approach to growing business.

Business Owners: Are you aware that you can create dynamic growth in your business by forecasting, planning, implementing, and planning your business using a very simple formula?:

 Are you also aware that the words emboldened in the equation are dynamic multipliers and, when increased only ever so slightly, they pile in massive increases to the revenues and profits.

Therefore, if a Company Director leads their company in the direction of increasing by just 10% the leads, and lead conversions; the transactions, and average £ sale, plus the margin, the guaranteed result will be a 46% increase in revenues and a whopping 61% increase in profits.

At Major-Momentum we are committed to the knowledge gained from a life of multiple business experiences being passed on to the next generation; and that you can get help on how to instigate policy on the 5 key areas mentioned here free of charge?

For those enlightened business owners, subscribe to this blog, those that want to know more about directing their companies in the five key areas mentioned here, just get in touch by emailing tim@fabaccounts.com or calling 07870218699.

The restoration of growth in business, right now, is in everyone’s interest.

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