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How is a sale procured and processed through a company?

By November 11, 2019homepage

My last blog was about how vital it is that a Business Owners Team is kept informed of the owners’ vision and purpose for the business. With that objective achieved, inclusively the next step, in my experience, is to create a simple flow chart of how, from the very start to the absolute end, a sale is procured and processed through the company. Here is a typical (abbreviated) example……….

Here is an example of how to compliment the above with an illustration:

20th Century BIG business used to be about de-skilling job roles to singular actions and employing cheap, easily replaceable labour, to maximise profits and shareholder return on investment. The workers were kept from appreciating their importance to their company on a need to know basis.

21st Century small to medium businesses thrive and grow on multi-skilled, multi-tasking Team Members who care to follow their inspirational business Owners.

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