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Speaking the Truth to Power

By March 31, 2017Uncategorized

Speaking the Truth to Power

It seems every day that I am reminded that we are moving into an age of ‘Strong Men’. Actually, thats a euphemism, as some of the ‘Strong Men’ I am talking about are women. Putin, Trump, Farage, le Pen, Erdogan, Kim Jong-un, Sturgeon, but to name a few.

It seems some (Sturgeon excepted) are leading the backlash against the ‘Metro Liberalism’ the first world has developed over the last 50 years or so. It went too far in promoting ‘Globalism’. A virtuous sentiment that has been hijacked by the large corporations looking to sweat cheap labour in the name of ‘Shareholder Value’.

The inept generation of politicians that represent us have brought this upon us. Vested interest has created policies in trade and immigration that are threatening the livelihoods and cultures of swathes of people in the first world countries.

‘Populism’ is upon us. USA first!, Britain first!, France, Holland, Italy, first, and so on.

Who will come second? Will they be happy? What will be the consequence of representative democracies adopting these isolationist stances through referenda?


How will the ‘Second Placers’ articulate their dissatisfaction to the power representing the ‘First Placers’? The ‘First Placers’ are only listening to the electors that won them the mandate. They have divided their nations and now rule with the intention of turning their back on ‘Globalism’; returning to the days of isolationism, trade tariff wars and, ultimately, sometimes hot war.

In my opinion, It would be best for the likes of Donald Trump et al, to make it easy for the for the libertarian’s that are for fair free movement of trade and people to speak the truth to them. Then listen hard, with consideration and form a balanced view to take all the people of their nation forwards rather than the noisy majority of voters that are, in truth, a minority of the total population.

As I see it, it is the same in business. Many Bosses I encounter are still back in the Twentieth Century; ‘My way or the highway’; ‘Carrot or Stick’ management. These Bosses only listen to those that agree with them.

Their belligerent non-negotiating, bully stance means that their staff tell them only what they want to hear. When it comes to telling the Boss bad news they fudge it, blame someone, or just plain hide it.

In Nationhood and Business this stance will not endure long.

The last lot of ‘Strong Men’, circa 1945, are proof of that.

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