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Social Media Or Social Retail?

By July 5, 2019Uncategorized

Social Media Or Social Retail?

Why would anyone choose ‘Sales’ as a career?

It seems that shops are closing down across the nation. The High Streets of this once proud ‘nation of shopkeepers’ are losing their prestigious Department Stores. The Chain Retailers are in trouble. Store closures abound. Redundant retailers are many.

Everything you can possibly want to buy is listed online and can mostly be delivered next day.

Who needs salespeople?

I think the answer is we all do, and we are going to miss them if they disappear.


So, ok not so much for the items we are familiar with and purchase regularly, and I’m including everyday commodities, clothing, shoes Etc. etc.

How do you decide to buy any desirable, ‘big ticket’ item when there are so many choices and variations?

Do you trust the reviewers online? The ‘Influencers’ and ‘Brand Ambassadors.  Who are they and what is their angle?

For instance; say you want to purchase something costing over £1000. In the ‘sea of competition’ online; all vying for you to buy from them, how do you decide? Choose the highest ranked site listed on Google? Buy from Amazon? Buy the cheapest? Buy the one with the best packaging or fastest delivery? Everyone claims their best on that stuff.  What about all the features. The advantages. The benefits. The Guarantee? Stuff you’re not sure of? Where can you find someone who can help you with all of that?

Alternatively, if you are seeking advice out there on the Hight Streets of Britain how can you judge the integrity of the person who is proposing to sell you a  high value item? Here’s 10 ways how:

  1. On entering their store do they give you time to browse.
  2. On first approach do they greet you with general welcoming rapport;
  3. …..and build trust before asking for your permission to ask specific questions about you and your purpose in visiting their store; your needs and wants.
  4. Do they use ‘Question Softeners’;
  5. …ask ‘Leading  Open Questions’ interspersed with ‘Positive Strokes’.
  6. Give you a range of choices explaining the prices, features, advantages, and benefits of each one before;
  7. …..taking your temperature……..
  8. Provide you with solutions.
  9. Assist you to narrow down your choices to a highly relevant couple and ask you to choose.
  10. Congratulate you on your decision.

If they do all of the above you have been Professionally Assisted to Buy. You have not been sold. The Sales Professional helped you to make the right purchase. In these circumstances you should not suffer buyer’s remorse but rejoice in the fact that you have made the right purchase.

This ‘Nation of Shop Keepers’ has to raise its game. The internet need not be allowed to lay waste to our once striving High Streets. Retailers have to fight ‘Social Media’ with ‘Social Retail’ and make a visit to a store an emotional event once more.

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