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Attention: Business Owners. Get more money and more time off!

By September 25, 2019homepage, Uncategorized

Attention: Business Owners. Get more money and more time off!

I have worked with approximately 60 Business Owners over the past 19 years. The majority of them had the view, initially, that their business provided them with a job. I have always begged to differ with this opinion. I believe that their businesses must provide them with an ongoing income. Not necessarily a job!

Sure, you have to set your business up. It’s like launching a rocket. Enormous energy is expended getting into orbit but once it’s up there the energy required to maintain forward motion is greatly reduced. Well, that’s the theory.

Back in the 20 century, I managed a group of 37 Supermarkets. Often, I would often have to inform a senior successful manager that their days in a particular store where numbered. That they were needed to take greater responsibility elsewhere.

This would entail them making sure, with my help of course, that their branch would maintain it’s success with them gone.

I have adapted that past situation into a philosophy that can assist those Business Owners looking to make their businesses repay their investment in time and money in greater profits and more time off.

In certain cases, Business Owners have wanted to sell their business.

The value of their business is greatly enhanced if the Team can operate it week to week without the owner’s management.

In the instance that the Business Owner wants to pass on their business to their offspring or acquire another business or diversify in other directions; all these require setting up their current business to run autonomously.

I coach my Business Owners in developing their Teams to develop business autonomously.

Work on your business. Not in it!  

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